Monday, June 15, 2015

ROADRUNNER Hay Squeeze Rebuilding

At Western Innovation LLC along side building the STRUBHAR ROADRUNNER we rebuild other makes of hay squeezes.  Here is one we built for a customer.  A 2006 manteca that got seriously wrecked.  Above is the finished pictures.  Below is the wreck pictures and several rebuilding pictures.
Call us at 405-547-8368 or go to and email us with your project or to purchase a Strubhar Roadrunner.


Rebuild Hay Squeeze Clamps

At Western Innovation  LLC we rebuild hay squeeze clamps.  We cut them all apart and replace the slider tubes and rods, weld cracks, fix worn cylinder mounts and such like, then repaint for our customers.  This is a very cost effective approach to keeping your machinery running.  We have very happy customers that have our rebuilt clamps which they say work like new.  Call 405-547-8368  or and email us.