Thursday, October 14, 2010

Advanced Portable Office Trailers

Van trailer conversions for industrial, commercial, and personal use.  These trailers make incredible mobile office, portable tool room or shop, and even temporary living quarters for job sites.  Design a custom trailer fit to your needs. Configure with doors, windows, restrooms, and office space.  Insert sink, workbenches, and bolt or part racks and bins.  Build in custom tool mounts for heavy machine tools as a lathe and milling machine.  Lock down welders, tool boxes, and other tools during transport.  Move efficiently between job sites with only a semi-tractor as to greatly cut moving and transportation cost s and time.  Van trailer and cargo trailer conversion for custom application.  Use for mobile  shop and or tool rooms.  Oil field drill sites and large construction locations will find this very useful and easily portable.  Wired and equipped to your specifications. Easily move with truck tractor.  Incorporate all your wiring, HVAC, data, plumbing, kitchenette, and what ever else you need.

Friday, July 23, 2010

New pipe trailer

The Pipe Trailer for Commercial and Industrial  -utility install and oil pipe and gas line.

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State-Of-The-Art Irrigation “Pipe Hauler”

“Our new irrigation pipe trailer is built strong and equipped with features that make it easy to use,” says Nathan Strubhar, Western Innovation Technological Solutions, Perkins, Okla.
The trailer rides on high quality, all terrain tires and is available in almost any color or length and with various hitch options. The model shown in the photo is designed to hold 40-ft. lengths of pipe. The trailer is built with a double tube frame, with a sq. tubing “skid tube” at the bottom in case the trailer bottoms out in rough terrain. Rubber mats on all contact surfaces protect the pipe from denting in rough terrain.
“It’s a clean, neat trailer with an aerodynamic design,” says Strubhar. “It has a polyurethane paint job with epoxy primer, which is as hard as powder coating and results in a long lasting shine. The model shown in the photo has a ball hitch, with an adjuster to accommodate various heights of vehicles and tractors. The jack mounts on top of the tongue to keep it from being damaged by a tractor tire when making tight turns. The tire will just rub against the tongue without banging into the jack.”
The trailer is fitted with adjustable height stake pockets. “The stakes can be set at 3 different levels of height, depending on how much pipe you’re hauling. The stakes can also be pulled all the way out, allowing you to load and unload pipe without having to do a lot of lifting,” says Strubhar.
The model shown has a solid tube axle with stabilizer bars; a torsion axle is also available.
Price varies from $5,000 to $7,000 depending on options ordered. Western Innovation Technological Solutions, P.O. Box 38, Perkins, Okla. 74059 (ph 405 762-2815;;

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Antenna Trailer

Antenna Trailer for remote Rapid Deployment.

These units are especially built for remote location use. The antenna trailer is a platform for a remote radio communication unit. Ease of use and rapid deployment are among the many reasons for use. These units present to your company cost effective remote communication platforms.

STANDARD model 1 with 4x8ft high quality trailer. 24ft high mast w/solar panel brackets and outriger jacks.
Price USD $